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September 9-10, 2017

Announcing DaveCon 2017
by Lansing Board Gamers!

Last year, DaveCon 2016 had over 160 attendees!

Online Registration Is Closed! - Please pay at the door

   Back for 2017: Protospiel Corner

Game Schedule:Friday Saturday Sunday

Where: Okemos Comfort Inn Conference Center, 2187 University Park Drive Okemos, MI 48864 From: I-96 exit 110, go North on Okemos Road, then after 1/4 mile, turn right on University Commerce Park - conference center and hotel is on your right. If you want to spend the night, there is a block of rooms available for $109 - just mention DaveCon (or that you're at a conference this weekend). Comfort Inn Phone number: (517) 347-6690. Note: There are two hotels there but our block is with the Comfort Inn ($109/night) which is attached to the conference center (you can't get any closer). I highly recommend staying onsite. The hotels are a great bargain - very clean and a friendly staff.

What: Open board gaming, events and tournaments (Gaming at DaveCon explained). Please bring a copy of games you intend to sign up for. (Rio Grande, Mayfair, Avalon Hill, Fantasy Flight, Z-man, Steve Jackson, Railroad, etc.), and Texas Hold-em (no gambling). Board gaming events and tournaments are being determined. Please bring your favorite games for yourself and for our game library! Also, should be back again for 2017 - official play testing. Would you like your feedback to help shape the next big game? As a play tester, you not only get a preview of new games, but also get to provide feedback in the clever art of game design.

Used Game Sales: We are bringing back the opportunity to sell your used games at DaveCon! You will register your games at the All Play games booth, our exclusive board gaming vendor, by paying a $0.50 placement fee for each game. If your game sells, you will pay a 10% commission of the price to ALL PLAY. This is the only way to sell used games at DaveCon - but also simplifies things and frees you up to play games while our official vendor takes care of the transaction.

When: Saturday, September 9th (9AM to Midnight) and
Sunday, September 10th (10AM to 6PM)
***If you pre-register, you can also game on Friday starting at 7PM***

Who: Everyone with a good attitude is invited to register.

How: Register Online! or volunteer (contact me to volunteer)

Prizes: Tons of prizes. We will have gift certificates from Summit Comics & Games and they have a nice selection of board games and other gamer gear. This year, we also have gift certificate prizes from All Play that you can use at the Con or at their store in Plymouth, MI. Also, we get big donations from Metro Detroit Gamers for some great board games.

Friendliest Gamer competition: We had a good run with Iron Man, but it has run its course. We are brining back the Friendliest gamer all-weekend competition. There will be game sheets to track games played with different players. All games and human players count: events, protospiel games, tournaments and open gaming. The person who plays games with the most unique number of players will win a big gift certificate. Prize will be awarded Sunday, about 5PM. For the sake of history, the past winners of Iron [Wo]Man were: Julie Hunt (2007), Alan Ray (2008), Carl Bussema & Lori Scheiss (2009), Carl Bussema (2010), Alan Ray (2011), Jason Showalter (2012), Stephanie Beal (2013), Brian Beal (2014). Your names are engraved in virtual iron. Our inaugural Friendliest Gamer (2015) was Skyler Hamlin! In 2016, Carl Bussema and Ben Fouts both played with 37 different people. Amazing!

Food Policy: Pizza and soft drinks will be offered for sale. I guess you could bring back other food for yourself (but not pizza) but that would be totally inconvenient. I guess you can bring in soft drinks but you know you'd rather buy them from DaveCon. Somehow they'll just taste better and fresher!

Registration is closed.

Entire weekend:

Please register at the door.

Individual: $28   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Couple: $44   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Family: $56   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door

Single Day Pricing:

(Pre-registration/Internet pricing)

Individual: $23   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Couple: $34   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Family: $46   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door

Early birds save money! You are saving $3 by registering before August 1st. Paying at the door is an additional $3. Register as an early bird and you'll save $6 over door prices. The prices shown here *include* the door adder.

When you pre-register, you also get bonus open gaming Friday night, starting at 7:00PM FOR FREE

Saturday & Sunday:

* Remember: Open gaming all the time!

Note that our open game library usually has over 150 games.

The Schedule is still being worked on, but here's what we have so far:


7:00PM: The Mall Maul - Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) (RPG) (Clay)

A DCC 0-level adventure set in a post apocalyptic version of the Midwest. Your settlement is in dire need of resources and the high priest had a vision. You are being sent on a quest to the forbidden ruins of a shopping mall.


9:30AM: Blockus (Wally)

9:30AM: Scythe (Gabe)

9:30AM: Pantheon (Sebastian)

10:00AM: Mutant Crawl Classics (RPG) (Mike Carlson)

Lvl 0 Adventure - New players welcome Unknown treasures await you traveler, whether you be Hunter, Gatherer, Mutant, or, um, Plantient? Glory goes to those who find the rarest artifact...and survive.

10:00AM: Cuba Libre (Scott de Brestian)

10:00AM: Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure (Roberto)

10:00AM: Sushi Go! (Chuck Wilson)

(2 games)

10:30AM: Galaxy Trucker (Skylar Hamlin)

11:00AM: Isle Of Sky (Arthur Wohlwill)

11:00AM: Sushi Go! (Chuck Wilson)

(2 games)

11:00AM: Castles of Burgundy (Eric Knapp)

11:30AM: No Thanks (Haley)

12:00PM: Topoum (Sebastian)

12:30PM: Alien Frontiers (5th Edition) (Bob Fix)

1:00PM: Inis (Mike Hamlin)

1:00PM: Puerto Rico (Paul Harding)

1:00PM: Encounters: ShadowRun (Chuck Wilson)

1:00PM: Star Wars: Destiny (Roberto)

CCG Tournament - up to 8 players - Single Elimination

2:00PM: Codenames (Bella)

2:00PM: Concordia (Jenn Lampen)

2:00PM: CANCELLED - Call of Cthuhlu: The Haunting (RPG) (Laura Williams)

In 1920s Boston, Mr. Knott, the landlord of Corbitt House, is having a hard time renting his property due to...the problematic history of the house. He has hired you to restore the house's reputation in the minds of the public so he may rent it once again. Hold tight to your health and sanity as you investigate the Corbitt House and Boston proper in this Lovecraftian adventure.

2:30PM: Wine Rating (Sebastian)

3:00PM: Betrayal at House on the Hill (Val)

3:00PM: Sentient (Ali)

3:00PM: Munchkin! Munchkinomicon (Chuck Wilson)

3:00PM: 878 Vikings (Bob Fix)

4:00PM: Terraforming Mars (Mike Hamlin)

4:00PM: Mysterium (Clint)

4:30PM: Werewords (Haley)

5:00PM: Celestia (Roberto)

5:00PM: Robo Rally (1994) (Wally)

Using the original version with shared programming deck and priority speeds

6:00PM: Battletech (Total War rules) "Attack on Mars" (Chuck Wilson)

2-5 Players

6:30PM: Vikings Gone Wild (Sebastian)

6:30PM: Texas Hold-em (Roberto)

One big table for fame, glory and humiliation!

7:00PM: Tales from the Loop (RPG) 3-6 players (adults only, some mature and/or horror elements) (Nathan Parrish)

The landscape was full of machines and scrap metal connected to the facility in one way or another. Always present on the horizon were the colossal cooling towers, with their green obstruction lights. If you put your ear to the ground, you could hear the heartbeat of the Loop – the purring of the Gravitron, the central piece of engineering magic that was the focus of the Loop’s experiments. The facility was the largest of its kind in the world, and it was said that its forces could bend space-time itself. In this roleplaying game in the vein of E.T. and Stranger Things, you'll play teenagers solving mysteries connected to the Loop. The game rules are based on Mutant: Year Zero, which was awarded with a Silver ENnie for Best Rules at Gencon 2015. Pre-gen characters and all other materials provided, new players welcome.

9:00PM: Battletech (Alpha Strike rules) "The MechGrinder" (Chuck Wilson)

2-12 Players

9:00PM: Times-Up (Dave)


10:30AM: Royals (Roberto)

10:30AM: Captain S.O.N.A.R (Eric Bucher)

11:00AM: 1846: The Race for the Midwest (Kenny)

11:00AM: Carcassonne (Wally)

Including the tenth anniversary festival tiles, and includes tiles from a variety of expansions

11:00AM: Above and Below (Eric)

12:00PM: Deception Murder in Hong Kong (Haley)

12:30PM: Star Wars: Destiny (Sebastian)

1:00PM: For Sale (Haley)

1:00PM: Blood Rage (Jeremy)

Life is Battle; Battle is Glory; Glory is ALL

1:30PM: 7 Wonders (Eric Knapp)

2:00PM: Mare Nostrum (Sebastian)

3:00PM: Ascension (Wally)

Includes custom cards and only includes 1 copy of each card in the center row

Protospiel Corner (Saturday: 1:30PM-6PM)

Note: We are capping Protospiel Corner at 8 games. Submission Date: 8/12/17 - please submit your game(s) before this day to ensure you get a slot.

Game #1

  • Title: Guilds of the King
  • Stage: Near Completion
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes per player
  • Players: 3-5
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designer: Nathan Woll
  • Description: In Guilds of the King, each player will take on the role of a guild leader in a fantasy city. As the leader of the Wizards, Adventurers, Laborers, Merchants, or Priests, each player will attempt to gain the most prestige points. Each guild plays quite differently, using multiple game mechanisms to generate resources. (For example, the Wizards will be rolling dice to cast spells but none of the other guilds roll dice)
Game #2
  • Title: Crooks and Nannies
  • Stage:
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages:
  • Designer: Jonathan Chaffer
  • Description: Crooks and Nannies is a cooperative communication game for 2-4 players. It's naptime, and the nannies at your daycare have locked away all the fun toys. Can you plan a heist to liberate the loot? Pass the right notes back and forth to coordinate your diabolical efforts. Players will each commit some resources to each heist opportunity, but if their plans are not aligned, they could get caught and sent to time-out.
Game #3
  • Title: Allosaurus
  • Stage: Alpha
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Players: 4
  • Ages: 16+
  • Designers: Seth Allison and Rachel Krohn
  • Description: Play as a Dinosaur trying to survive in this resource management game.
Game #4
  • Title: Engine Room
  • Stage: Near Completion
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 14+
  • Designers: Nemo Rathwald
  • Description: Co-op deck-building, designing cards by sleeving stacks of transparencies. Players are engineers in the engine room of a Steampunk vehicle, flying, digging, swimming, and rolling across Junkyard World. The journey is represented by drawing slide transparencies ("slides") off a deck (the "Origin deck"), onto a track, and discarding them onto another deck (the "Destination deck"). Each slide which the ship encounters on the track is a machine part laying around in Junkyard World, which the crew could weld onto their vessel by sleeving it into a card in their hand. This gives the card additional instructions or victory points. It might also cover up blemishes which, if left uncovered, reduce the crew's collective score.

Game #5
  • Title: Scream or Die
  • Stage: Near Completion
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Players: 2-8
  • Ages: 8+
  • Designers: Anthony Tejada, Dennis Sawyers
  • Description: Scream or Die is a fun, fast-paced family friendly dice game for 2-8 players. You choose your favorite monster and collect candy by chucking dice and using Screams to influence rolls, even when you're not rolling!

Game #6
  • Title: Bunkers and Bombs!
  • Stage: Alpha
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes per player
  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designers: Dom Korzecke and Tyler Tsuji
  • Description: Bombs are raining from the sky and players must compete to be the last one standing while scavenging for a limited pool of resources. As bombs continue to fall players must strike balance between hiding in safety and venturing out to gain resources needed to survive. It's hard to survive alone so players must decide whether to cooperate with their neighbors or leave them in the dust.
Game #7
  • Title: Straterra
  • Stage: Beta
  • Duration: 30-90 minutes
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Designers: Erik Sundberg
  • Description: The realm of Straterra is at war. As a god of the realm, you must create an army of creatures that will carry your name to glory. You may start off with nothing but pathetic pawns, but as you battle you will gain gold, recruit terrifying and tactical creatures to your team, and lead your army to victory. War is wretched, and you will have to make and break alliances if you wish to become the last one standing on the battlefield. Many creatures await your leadership, control them and become the master of Straterra.

This is a great opportunity for game designers to get their new designs play tested and a wonderful chance for play testers to provide feedback in the clever art of game design.

For the third year in a row, we are hosting a special opportunity for game designers to have their games playtested in a semi-formal fashion and meet people for open playtesting. On Saturday (9/9), Todd Robinson, a Protospiel veteran will be hosting game designers to demo their games at DaveCon. Last year we had quite a few designers bring games but we'd love to have even more this year!

Please e-mail Todd, with details about your game:

  • Title
  • Stage: alpha, beta, near completion, etc.
  • Ages
  • # Players
  • Duration
  • Description
  • Desginer
  • Picture (Optional)

I will post it here and put it on the schedule. This is on a first come first serve basis as games will be capped at 6-8 depending on the length and number of players. Please submit your game info now - there are only a couple spots left. Games posted are also ultimately at the discretion of me. Please keep things family friendly.

If you don't make the schedule or you have many games to play test, that's okay! DaveCon has a very active open gaming contingent. The people you meet in Protospiel Corner should facilitate open play testing. I just ask that you be frank with people about the duration and stage of your game.